Thank you all SO MUCH for your support during this campaign!
We could never have made it as far as we did without you.

Your vote matters.

Throughout this campaign, people have asked me how change can happen if each of us is just one voice in a sea of many. My answer is simple: by voting. Your ballot will make a difference in the preferential process that the Liberal Party uses.

Make your first choice on the ballot the contestant who can best address the interests of our diverse community. Someone who has the ability to bring people together, not divide them. An advocate who has the experience and perspective to truly represent the wide range of people who reside in Kingston and the Islands. That person is Leanne Wight – a well-educated, bilingual, lawyer of Aboriginal descent who also happens to be a military veteran. No other contestant offers you that diversity.

Your vote will help determine the Liberal candidate for the 2015 federal election. We want Peter Milliken and Ted Hsu to be followed by another strong Liberal Member of Parliament so, on January 10th, choose Leanne Wight. Our best choice and strongest voice for Kingston and the Islands.

Think Change. Vote Leanne.

Here’s what people in the community are saying about Leanne:

The Honourable Peter Milliken

Leanne Wight would be a fine candidate for the Liberal Party in Kingston and the Islands.  … Coupled with her military experience, her qualifications and expertise would make her a strong MP for this riding.

The Honourable Peter Milliken

Ed Smith

It’s with much thoughtful deliberation that I have chosen to make Leanne Wight my choice for the Liberal candidate to represent Kingston & the Islands in the upcoming Federal Election. Although all the candidates are solid individuals – I’ve worked with two of them on City Council – Leanne, in my opinion, offers the best mix of education, life experiences and listening skills to represent Kingston and the Islands with distinction. Leanne has the potential to progress to a cabinet position and with Kingston being a strong Liberal riding and under the strength of Justin Trudeau’s leadership and popularity and the Harper government having outlived its welcome, there is plenty of time for Leanne to make her name known to Kingstonians, win their hearts and win the riding for the Liberals. Let’s choose the best person for the job.

Ed Smith, Two term Kingston City Councillor, business owner, father of four

Candice and Aiden

My name is Candice Christmas and I am a co-author of the Liberal Party of Canada’s policy resolution for a universal early childhood education and care program.

I’m voting for Leanne Wight because a vote for Leanne is a vote for children’s health and potential, wellness for Canadian families and parents’ equal access to the workforce.

DIck Zoutman

Leanne is passionate about Kingston and the Islands, particularly matters of social justice, fairness and openness in our society, as well as our economy and the environment. Leanne speaks with compelling authority and authenticity about a just society where no one is left behind because of their personal circumstances. She is superbly qualified to represent the interests of Kingston and the Islands on the current issues facing our region and all of Canada. Leanne is seeking to continue her outstanding record of public service to effect real and meaningful change not only for Kingston and the Islands, but for the entire country.

I highly recommend Leanne Wight to you as the best person to be our nomination Candidate for our Liberal riding in the next federal election.

Dr. Dick Zoutman MD, FRCPC

Rose DeShaw

“I was thinking about what Thomas Jefferson said to his wife (Martha Jefferson Randolph) the other day: “Politics is such a torment that I would advise everyone I love not to mix with it.” But since it is our way of government, mix we sometimes must. As with the vicious rumour going around that the candidate for the Liberal party has already been chosen? This is not true. I am supporting the one woman seeking the nomination with four men also in the race, one of them well known. The questions being asked and answered at their debates are a whole introduction into what Jefferson describes as a ‘torment.’ What a good time to mix into a deeper understanding of the game of government.”

Rose DeShaw, Kingston
(Source: www.thewhig.com)
(Photo: www.thewhig.com)

Robert Hamilton

My name is Robert Hamilton. I am a retired naval officer and I support Leanne because I believe that a vote for her is a vote for veterans.

Peggy Smith

My name is Peggy Smith and I am a union side labour lawyer and adjunct professor at Queen’s MIR program. I am supporting Leanne because I believe she has a strong background of the federal issues that impact our community, including prisons, waterfront, military and concerns affecting women and children.

Brittany Chaput

My name is Brittany Chaput and I am a Juris Doctor Candidate in the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University. A vote for Leanne is a vote for… the future. As a law student who worked extensively with Leanne over the past summer, I can personally attest to Leanne’s commitment to education. She has made every effort to further my educational experience by exposing me to a number of opportunities to observe and participate in court processes. She works tirelessly each and every day in the pursuit of justice and her commitment to members of the Kingston community is truly exemplary. I know Leanne is the right choice for today and tomorrow.

Doctor Nicholas Cristoveanu

After reviewing the excellent roster of candidates and their profiles I have chosen to vote for Leanne Wight. I see her skills, background, education and vision most in line with my views and most in keeping with the national liberal vision. I see Leanne representing the riding well and being an excellent voice in cabinet for a new liberal government intent on restoring democracy, care for the societal inequities, environmental stewardship, maintaining universal health care, and repairing relations with our aboriginal peoples along with many other initiatives.

Dr. Nicholas Cristoveanu

Bernard Nelson and Leanne

Leanne Wight is an honoured member and tireless volunteer within our Indigenous community in Kingston and area. We are so pleased and grateful that Leanne has offered to serve the people of Kingston in this capacity. Leanne has dedicated her life towards meeting the needs of those who require a champion and a chance to be heard. She has always taken time to learn, to study, and to reflect in order to truly understand the challenges of our people and the importance of collaborative action that speaks to positive reconciliation, and change. In my role as Elder (assisted by my wife Tammy) for the Military community through RMC’s ALOY program, we can certainly appreciate the wide variety of expertise and skills Leanne brings to the table as a former military member.

As a Member of Parliament we know Leanne will continue to demonstrate on a daily basis her passion and commitment to making things better for ALL of us.
“You have our support in your undertaking to serve as our next Federal Member of Parliament”

Chi MiiGwetch Leanne!

Bernard and Tammy Nelson
Elder, Kingston Community of Indigenous Peoples